Request a payment (beta feature)

With untied, you now can send a payment request to your clients and friends and get paid quickly and securely without even providing any of your bank details!

What's a beta?

This is a service that we are developing. Beta means that it is an early version, and your feedback will help us to improve it.

How does it work?

Click on the More menu option and select "Request Payment (beta)

Fill in the information on the Request payment screen including the email of the person who needs to pay you and the amount they need to pay.

Select your bank account to pay into and enter the name of the account. Make sure to enter the exact name on your account or payment may fail.

If you want to automatically tag the payment when received, tick the box and choose the appropriate tag category.

What happens to my request after I click “Send”?

The person you are requesting money from can click on the “Pay now” button in the email they receive from untied. This will take them to a secure payment page to review the amount and select their bank––we recommend giving them a heads up the first time, so they aren’t concerned that it may be fraudulent or spam.

They can also scan the QR code shown in your untied App. This will open the secure payment page on their phone.

From the payment page, their own bank’s Mobile App or browser will open to securely authorise and send the payment to your bank. You will both receive an email confirmation and your payment will be displayed in untied when your bank transactions are updated.

How do I see the status of my requests?

Click the View Requests link at the top of the Request payment screen

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