Connecting untied to your HMRC record - employment

untied can import employment details from your HMRC tax account

Our information below explains how to link your HMRC account to untied to bring in data from your employment. This should import information about all the jobs you've had in the year (but it relies on lots of their systems matching - check everything is there!).

Please note that the deadline for employers to provide you with your P60 is 31 May and it can take time for HMRC records to update. We understand they process about a million records a day - even at that rate, it can take till September before everyone's records are updated.

If you need any help with this, just get in touch. It's a process that HMRC have had in place for some time and some people find they're not able to get it to work.

In the mobile app

Navigate to Profile > Income > Employment and click on Fetch data from HMRC

In untied Pro in the browser

Navigate to Tax forms and then choose SA102 - Employment from the dropdown

In untied lite

Navigate to employment on the left

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