untied and Universal Credit

Receiving income

Universal Credit (UC) does not appear on your tax return. There is no need to tag Universal Credit income in untied (or you can tag it as personal).

Reporting income

If you are on Universal Credit, you may need to report your self-employment earnings monthly.

The way untied is designed means that it records income and expenses the way you need it for Universal Credit.

However, we don't have a direct connection to Universal Credit - the best thing to do is to export from untied Pro and then filter according to the dates you want to report for - see Exporting transactions from untied (your dates may be specific to you).

One of the good things about this is that the information you submit as part of UC will generally match what you report for income tax because it's coming from the same source.

See also our article on Benefits and tax cost of living which includes good links from outside charities that can help.

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