Which bank and card accounts does untied work with and how does it work?

Last updated 13 July 2020

untied works with the majority of UK banks and connects to both personal and business bank accounts.

To connect to your bank account untied uses a service provided by a third party called TrueLayer.  TrueLayer is an industry leader in providing a secure way to connect to bank accounts via Open Banking and oAuth. Open Banking and oAuth means that we never see your banking login details.  Instead you log into your online banking or banking app and authorise us to retrieve your transactions via Truelayer. You are able to revoke that authorisation at any time via your online banking app.  

For a list of bank accounts that are supported please see the following article on TrueLayer's knowledge base:


Both TrueLayer and untied are regulated and authorised by the FCA. untied (UT Tax Ltd) is registered by the FCA with license number 910169 and Truelayer with license number 793171. Only companies that have met the rigorous security requirements of the FCA are allowed to access your banking data and only with your approval.

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