Which bank and card accounts does untied work with and how does it work?

untied works with the majority of UK banks and connects to both personal and business bank accounts.

To connect to your bank account we use trusted services from secure industry leaders TrueLayer and tomato pay. They help link bank accounts using connections that the banks themselves provide. You never share your bank logins - the approval happens on your banking app or website. You need to renew permission every 90 days, and can also cancel the permission at any time.

For a list of bank accounts that are supported please see the following article on TrueLayer's knowledge base:


TrueLayer, tomato pay and untied are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. untied (UT Tax Ltd) is registered by the FCA with licence number 910169,TrueLayer with licence number 901096 and tomato pay (Fractal Labs Ltd) with number 813019.

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