Student loans in untied including recording and making repayments

If you're employed, your employer will deduct your student loan repayments as you earn.

If you're self-employed, these will be calculated when you do your tax return and paid at the same time as your tax.

To indicate that you have or need to pay student loans you need to enter this in untied - you do this in the same place whether you are employed or self-employed.

In each case, make sure you are in the right tax year for the return you are filin!

In untied Pro in the the browser, select "Tax forms" > "Pension and benefits"

In the form you will need to scroll down to the student loan section. Tick the box (and enter any further data that may be needed including anything deducted by your employer). Then hit save. Student loans will then be included in your calculation.

In the untied mobile app (needs Pro subscription), navigate to Taxes > Prepare your tax return > State pensions and benefits > scroll down to the student loan section > tick the box, enter the details > hit save

For more on student loans - see our calculator!

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