What tax return schedules does untied support?

untied supports the following schedules:

Schedule untied pro untied lite
SA100 - Main tax return yes yes
SA100 - Pensions and benefits including student loan yes no
SA102 - Employees or company directors 
yes yes
SA103S - Self-employed short (< £85k turnover)  yes yes
SA108 - Capital gains yes no
SA101 - Selected sections only including SEIS, EIS, VCT, Pension, Pension Savings Tax Charges, Foreign Employment Income - Foreign earnings not taxable in the UK yes no
SA105 - UK Property income (< £85k turnover)  yes no
SA106 - Foreign income (see Foreign income in untied)
no no
SA109 - Residence, remittance basis etc yes no

For self-employment and property, untied works on the cash basis, and with accounting periods 6 April - 5 April. Trial mode supports test tax return filing only. For full and final tax return submissions a paid plan is required.

Please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see supported.

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