Help! My bank account is disconnected or not updating properly đŸ˜–

Banks are making it easier to manage your connections

untied links to your bank accounts using a standard called open banking. Larger financial institutions are required to provide access to your account data - and open banking is the way they do this.

One of the features is that you need to consent every 90 days for your data to be brought in. But the way that it was built meant that people found it a nuisance.

So the regulators changed this to make it easier. Since late 2022, banks have been rolling out a slightly different journey to renewing your permission - you'll be able to do it without needing to log into your bank.

As a result, some banks are also changing their systems which set up the connection.

Long term, this is good for users of untied and other platforms.

This means that in the short term you may need to create a new bank connection rather than refreshing

Short term, our users may find that you are asked to renew your bank connection, but it then fails. It's annoying.

To fix this, try connecting your account as a new connection rather than refreshing/reconnecting your existing one. We have checks in place to prevent it from creating duplicate transactions but it should create a new consent.

This should bring transactions through going forward. If it creates a second account, don't delete the original account as that could hide transactions too.

If you do have any problems, get in touch as always.

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