Marginal rate tax calculator - take home more of what you earn

You work hard to earn more. But how much will you keep and how much will go on taxes and national insurance – and what can you do about it?! Use untied’s marginal rate calculator to find out.

In general, the more you earn, the higher the tax rates you’ll pay. The extra amount you pay on each additional pound you earn is known as the marginal rate of tax and national insurance.

The marginal rate can vary from zero for lower earners to 47% (48% in Scotland) for the highest earners. BUT there is also a zone where for every extra £1 you earn, over 60% will be going in taxes. This particular case applies to those earning between £100,000 and £125,000.

If this is you, it’s a great time to be topping up your pension or giving to charity, reducing your tax bill and helping others.

Try our calculator to see what it means for you.

For more ways to do smart things with your money, read our  year-end tax tips and more about the 60% squeeze.

(Note: we're displaying a lot of information below, so this calculator may look better on a larger screen.)

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