How do I add a manual transaction to untied?

Last updated 28 April 2020

If you have an account that is not supported by untied or if you have cash transactions, you can add manual transactions (see also the linked article about uploading

For example, you make monthly gift aid donations to Crisis of £10 a month from PayPal.

Our suggestion would be:

Step 1

Total up the value of transactions in a category (£120 in this example)

Step 2

Click on the floating plus button

Step 3

Add a manual "money in" or "money out" on one date in the tax year, entering information in the description (we tend to use 31 March for the yearly totals).

Step 4

If you have back up information eg a copy of your Excel calculation, add it as a receipt/evidence so you have it if needed. You may need to click on advanced to get to this screen.

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