What goes in the "Any Other Information" box?

Last updated 26 January 2020
Just before you press submit on a tax return, untied gives you a chance to provide more information to HMRC. The box isn't something untied's created to be helpful, but is also a field that the tax authority recognise and will sometimes ask you to use.
If there's something you want to draw HMRC's attention to or which will help to calculate your tax liability, this is the place to enter it. Information in this box may include:
  • details of any untaxed foreign interest up to £2,000
  • any one-off pension payments you made including details of your pension provider
  • any gifts you made to charities outside the UK
  • details of any preliminary numbers or estimates you’ve used
  • the name and National Insurance number of your spouse or civil partner 

For more information see the HMRC help sheet here.

What a choice.

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