How do I edit or delete a transaction?

You can discard transactions that have not been tagged. To do this swipe the transaction to the right and click on the trash icon:

If a transaction has been tagged, you will first need to untag it.  Tap on the transaction and then select 'Untag' or 'Advanced':

Once a transaction has been untagged it can be discarded as described above.

You can untag or edit the transaction in advanced view:

Note that editing the transaction here is actually changing the 'tax transaction' not the source bank transaction. You can change the tax category and allocation. if you change the amount you will be changing the amount of the transaction that is claimed for tax purposes. You therefore cannot make the amount more than the amount of the source transaction. Currently the same applies to manual transactions so to 'edit' a manual transaction you may prefer to untag it, discard it and then start again with a new one. 

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