Is my tax return final? What if I've missed something off? Can I file an amendment?

Pressing submit on a tax return can be scary. It feels like it's final.

Except it's not. If you discover something is wrong, you can still file an amendment. You can do this with untied.

All you need to do is tick the box "file as amendment" on the last screen before clicking "I'm ready, file it!".  Note that on some devices you may need to scroll to reveal this box.

In the untied mobile app

n untied Pro in the browser

In untied lite

This will update your return and adjust any tax you may need to pay (which may be reflected in your tax code for the following year).

HMRC give you 12 months to amend your tax return online.

If you need to amend for an earlier return, you’ll need to write to HMRC in line with the guidance here: Amending Self Assessment tax returns
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