How do I close my untied account?

If you want to leave untied, we'll be sorry to see you go. We also know that it may not be right for you.

It helps us to help you if you tell us why you're leaving. There may also be an alternative. For instance if you don't want to get the monthly emails summarising your activity, you can ask for them not to be sent. You may just want to remove one bank account, or certain transactions. You may want to continue to use untied to store data. Or if you think you may come back later, let us know.

To go ahead and close your account:

1. You'll need to click to contact us and ask us to close your account and to delete all data. We will then reply to you asking for confirmation.

2. All data on your account will be deleted permanently. untied therefore won't be keeping your data for statutory or audit purposes. We also have an option where we can keep your data for up to seven years.

We'll also ask for constructive feedback. Were there things missing / what could we have done to make thing easier for you / what were you hoping to achieve / were you just looking? What can we do to get better for the future, and for other users?

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