untied lite - what does it support?

untied lite is a simple tax service aimed at self employed workers working through platforms. It incorporates what was previously known as untied for gig workers.

untied lite supports:

  • manual entry of multiple self employed income sources, and associated expenses
  • one employment
  • the ability to add mileage manually
  • submit your returns directly to HMRC

If you are self employed, you will need to be registered with HMRC as self employed and have a Unique Taxpayer Reference. untied can help you with this - please contact us.

If you only have employment, you will probably not need to file a return (unless you're a high earner).

It does not support:

  • investment income
  • capital gains
  • losses
  • National Insurance top-ups. You can still submit but will need to contact HMRC separately if you want to top up your National Insurance contributions.
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