How do I know HMRC received my return?

Last  updated 22 April 2020

1. When you submit a tax return with untied, you will see a confirmation screen (it may not look exactly like this).

a. Check the year is what you expect

b. You will see a long reference called an IRMark which is effectively HMRC's receipt. If you don't have an IRmark, then you have not sent in a tax return (for instance some untied services allow you to send in a test return and you will need to disable the test box).

2. You will also receive a PDF by email (you can also downloade it from the untied confirmation screen; we store a copy as well in your untied account).

a. Again, you can check the year is what you expect (at the top - next to your name):

b. The document will also include the HMRC IRmark signature which acts as confirmation of receipt.

3. You should also receive an email from HMRC.

5. HMRC do not store this in a way that you can view it, but you can check in your personal tax account that it has been received.

Note, it can take 72 hours before it appears in your account.

You will need to log into your Personal Tax Account (you'll need an HMRC/Gateway login), then navigate to Self Assessment.

Then find the retun that applies.

You will then be able to see that HMRC have received a return (again noting it can take 72 hours to appear):

Unfortunately, HMRC don't allow you to see any more details at the moment (which is why we keep a copy in your untied account).

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