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Using untied lite

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Here’s how to sort your taxes in three easy steps. You can also back to this information by choosing “Home” from the menu.

  1. Tell us how you made money
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Submit!

Top Tips

  • The Tax filing in the UK is called a Tax Return (sadly don't confuse it with a refund where you get money back).
  • Not everyone needs to file.
  • You will need to file if you earned more than £1,000 as someone who is self employed. You will also need to make sure you are registered as self employed with HMRC, which is the UK’s tax authority.
  • Your taxes are for a period that starts on 6 April and ends the following 5 April. You then have until the following 31 January to file.
  • This is a cut down product designed for people with self-employment platform income to help you submit quickly. Some people may need the full untied app.
  • If you get stuck you can ask us a question by going to "Help" in the menu.
  • To translate a page click on  the flags at the top.

1. Tell us how you made money

Tip: When you enter information, you will have to make sure you’re in the right year. See the menu at the top – set that period, eg for 6 April 2019 to 5 April 2020.

You will have made money in two ways:

  • Self employment (where you may also claim mileage)
  • Employment

Self employment. You may get a statement of the amount a company has paid you.

  • Tell us how much you earned from each company you work with. Many companies will give you a statement of how much you earned in a period.
  • Tell us what your expenses are. Do include any deductions made by the platforms, insurance, what you paid to any substitutes you used, the cost of a box on the back of your bike, and if you use your phone for business then the business element can be claimed too. Generally do not include the costs of your fuel or vehicle, as this is part of the number of miles you drove (see 2C). Though if you are eg an Uber driver who leases your vehicle, it may be better to claim the cost of the lease and fuel instead of mileage.

Mileage. Choose "Mileage" to tell us how many miles you drove or rode in total for your self employment. We will automatically work out the rate that HMRC allow you to claim.

Employment, where tax is deducted on a salary, you get a payslip and a form called a P60 (or P45 if you left through the year) (If you made money in other ways you will need the full untied app – contact us about an upgrade)

2. Complete your profile

Most of this should be straightforward.

Take care to get your “Unique Taxpayer Reference” (UTR) number. It’s ten digits long and is used by HMRC to identify you. You will see this reference on documents from HMRC, on previous tax returns or if you have an HMRC log in you can find it in your account.

If you don’t have a UTR, don't worry, click here, and untied can help you. 

3. Submit

There are two ways to submit a return.

  • One option is to use your HMRC login.
  • The other way lets us submit for you. You will need to send us two forms of ID – one with a photo and a different one with your address to This can take us 24 hours to process. We will then give you a secret code to submit.

If you have problems submitting, let us know.

Please note that to keep the process simple, we don’t give you the opportunity to top up National Insurance contributions. If you want to do this, you will need to contact HMRC separately.

Now over to you!

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