Viewing filed returns / what's an SA302 and where do I get one?

untied stores your data securely, and PDFs are available of the submitted documents.

Your tax return will be emailed to you by untied when you submit, and can also be downloaded from your account. It will include an IRMark which is effectively HMRC's stamp of receipt.

Some organisations may ask for an "SA302" which is effectively the same document.

untied Pro

If you use untied Pro, you will need to log in via your browser and you will see Tax Filings in the menu:

For more detailed breakdowns,  you can view "Tax Forms" and then navigate to the relevant schedule.

untied lite

If you use untied lite then you will see submitted returns under Tax Filing from the menu:

Filing outside untied

We can only show your data if you used untied to submit your return. If you did not use untied to file your tax return, we unfortunately cannot get a copy.

If you used HMRC's online service ... then log into your HMRC account. If you used other software or an accountant then you will need to contact those providers. 

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