How do I register as self-employed or a property landlord with HMRC?

To file a tax return, you will need to be registered with HMRC. The term for the way you'll be reporting your tax is "self-assessment".

If you're a sole trader (self-employed)

If your income is more than £1,000 as a sole trader, then you need to make sure you are registered for self-assessment.  The deadline to do so is 5 October following the year when you started earning.

If you're not self-employed but do own property or have a high income

If you need to register for self-assessment for other reasons than being self-employed, then you'll need to visit this HMRC page. Register for self assessment if you're not self-employed

How to register if you're self-employed

There are two ways to register.

1. The quick and easy way: untied

2. Via the HMRC website: Register for self-assessment

If you use the untied service, you'll find it quick and easy.  One form covers all your income.  We'll also support you, and give you a voucher against an untied membership.

Help! I've missed the deadline!

If you've missed the deadline, don't worry, just get your form in as soon as you can.

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