How do I register as self-employed or a property landlord with HMRC?

The term for the way you'll be reporting your tax is "self-assessment".

If your income is more than £1,000 as a sole trader (or from renting out property), then you need to register with HMRC and file a tax return.  The deadline to do so is 5 October following the year when you started earning. If you've missed the deadline, don't worry, just get your form in as soon as you can.

The quickest way to register

Register with HMRC via untiedIt's the quickest way to get set up and is free if you're already a paying untied user. Note that although untied will send your details to HMRC instantly, it can still take them time to complete a registration - typically eight weeks or more. There's not much we can do to hurry this along, but if you're worried then do reach out to us.

Other ways to register

You can also fill forms out at HMRC.

Register for self-assessment if you're self-employed

Register for self assessment if you're not self-employed

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