Is untied right for me?

untied supports the income sources for the majority of taxpayers. More details are given below.

You can also find simple comparison tables on our website.

Self employed earning less than £85k (SA103S)

We can support you if you have self employment income over £1,000, have relatively simple tax affairs and your annual turnover was below the VAT threshold for the tax year (currently at £90k)

Not sure if you are self employed?

If you are self-employed then you are an independent supplier. You can agree what hours and when you work, and in theory have more freedom. But you need to take more responsibility for instance if you get sick, and to make sure you're insured. You get paid what you earn, and are responsible for making sure the right amount goes to the tax authority. You need to report this on your tax return, and then pay tax to the authority.

If you work for Deliveroo or Uber, or sell things online or as a freelancer, then you are self employed.

High earners with salaried income over £100k

We support you if you need to do a tax return because you are employed and earn over £100k a year. 

Those with income from savings, investments and dividends

We can support your tax needs if you have savings income over £1,000, dividend income over £2,000 and income from other investments.

Landlords with property income less than £85k (SA105)

We can support you if you are a landlord in the UK earning over £2,500 but less than the VAT threshold (currently at £90k) and have received:

  • Rental income and other receipts from UK land and/or property. This includes short term rentals such as Airbnb. 
  • Income from letting furnished holiday accommodation in the UK or European Economic Area
  • Premiums arising from leases of UK land
  • An inducement to take an interest in any property for letting (a reverse premium)

Please note that this does not include property income overseas (outside of EEA).

Company directors

We can support you if you are a director of your own company and you need to submit an income tax return each year. This usually applies to those who are contracting as part of their own limited company and not taxed at source as part of PAYE income.

Please note, this does not cover corporate tax filing for your company as that is separate to your personal income filings.  

Non-UK residents (SA109)

We can support you if you have to pay tax on your UK income even if you are not a UK resident. Income may include things like:

  • pension
  • rental income
  • savings interest
  • salary

You may also need to complete a tax return if you resided in the UK for a portion of the tax year. 

The country where you live might tax you on your UK income. If it has a tax agreement with the UK, you may be able to claim tax relief in the UK to avoid being taxed twice.

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