Splitting transactions

untied Pro allows you to partially claim, and to split transactions between business / property and personal, or between different tax categories. You can do this by the amount or by percentage, for instance, if you have a jointly-held property.

There are three main reasons why you may want to do this:

  1. One transaction or payment covers different purchases (eg you've bought two things from Amazon, of which one is business)
  2. You want to claim a percentage of a transaction eg a proportion that relates to business use, or maybe a property is shared
  3. You have many similar transactions and can justify why a proportion would be business

Here's how to do this in the untied mobile app

Open the transaction

Tap advanced

Choose to allocate by amount/ by percentage

Enter the amount/percentage you want to split, and choose a Tax Tag

Anything not allocated will be ignored for tax purposes (ie treated as personal). But if you want to split for another tax category, press the + button

If you try to claim in excess of the source amount (in the top right-hand corner), you'll get an alert

Note that the transaction will still show as the full amount in your transaction summary, even if it's split. You'll need to open it for full details

In untied Pro in the browser

This video shows you how to split or partially claim transactions in untied Pro in the browser - eg for mixed personal or business use.

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