What is my Government Gateway ID?

There are two ways to send a tax return with untied.  You can use your own Government Gateway ID or HMRC log in, or we can do it for you using untied express submit (you will still need your UTR / Unique Taxpayer Reference number).  Your UTR is 10 numbers long.

Your HMRC log in is also known as your Government Gateway ID.  It is your user ID for accessing HMRC Online Services.  HMRC Online Services are where you access your tax account. 

Your HMRC log in / Government Gateway ID is 12 characters long and will have been issued to you by HMRC (it can have both numbers and letters in it).  You will also have a password.

You'll need your HMRC log in / Government Gateway ID to submit your tax return.  You can enter it into the untied app so that untied can submit your tax return for you, or handily you can use untied express submit if you don't have your log-in details to hand.

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