Send invoices and request payments - and see what you've already requested

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Send invoices to customers and ask friends, family, or anyone else to pay you quickly and easily from untied  – or even show them a QR code if they’re face to face. They’ll then be able to pay you instantly from their own banking app.

Here’s how to send invoices and get paid quickly – and for free!

Using the untied mobile app to request payments and raise invoices

Click on the More menu option and select "Invoices and payments".

Tap in the details of what you're being paid for (and the payer's email address - if you're face to face you can put your own in and the QR code will then appear on the next screen). 

Select your bank account to pay into and if prompted the name of the account.

Check the "Send invoice" option if you want to send an invoice. You can set the due date and optionally your customer contact information to show on the invoice. Click on "Invoice setup" to add your company name, edit your address and upload a logo. You can also get to invoice settings from the main Settings screen. Your customer will be sent a link to a PDF invoice that they can view online with options to download and print out.

If you want to automatically tag the payment when received, tick the box and choose the appropriate tag category.

What happens to my request after I click “Send”?

The person you are requesting money from can click on the “Pay now” button in the email they receive from untied. This will take them to a secure payment page to review the amount and select their bank––we recommend giving them a heads up the first time, so they aren’t concerned that it may be fraudulent or spam. The email will also include a link to an invoice if you selected to include one. Invoices also include a payment link.

They can also scan the QR code shown in your untied App. This will open the secure payment page on their phone.

From the payment page, their own bank’s Mobile App or browser will open to securely authorise and send the payment to your bank. You will both receive an email confirmation and your payment will be displayed in untied when your bank transactions are updated.

How do I see the status of my requests, and a list of invoices?

Click the View Requests link at the top of the Request payment screen

From here you will then see a list of your previous payment requests/invoices which you can view or resend.

Here's a video showing payment requests and invoices in untied Pro in the browser

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