Filing your tax return with untied

untied makes submitting your tax return really easy. There's no reason to leave this to the last minute. Once you have everything for the previous year tagged, you're pretty much good to go. Remember though that you will need your unique tax reference and HMRC login details. So don't leave things too late - the best time to dig these out is now. 

Note that having done a test submission of your tax return, you may be prompted to click to request a passcode to submit it to HMRC. So long as you are on a plan that includes submission, there is no charge for this. 

Step 1 - Tag Your Transactions

Make sure everything for the previous year (2018-2019 at time of writing) is tagged. If you've been using the app for a while you may already have done this. If not, change the year at the top to last year and tap on a transaction to start tagging. 

If you haven't entered information about your business the app will ask you to when you start tagging.

There are some great features which help tag lots of items quickly:

1. After tagging something the app looks for similar items. If it finds any you'll see a notification at the top:

Click on this and the app then filters the view to show only similar transactions. Either tag selectively or bring up multi-select mode by long pressing an item:

You can now set the tag type and either check off individual items, or select all if you want to do all at once.

2. Another way to find similar transactions is to swipe an item and tap the filter icon that appears

To exit the similar filter tap the highlighted filter icon at the top and then tap 'Clear Filter'.

Step 2 - Add manual transactions for anything missing or not in your bank accounts.

If your data doesn't go back far enough to cover all of last year or if you want to add cash transactions, or enter something that went through an account you don't have connected, use the manual "Money In" and/or "Money Out" screens from the "Add Screen" (click the Add button in the middle of the tab bar).  

If you've already selected last year in the Money screen the Money In and Money Out screens will default to the last date of the year. You don't have to change this if you just want this value to appear in last year's return, but you can if you want.

Step 3 - Claim any auto-logged mileage

Go to the Travel screen, change the year selector at the top to last year, if you haven't already and claim any journeys that are for business. Tap on a journey to see the map and detail and claim from there or just swipe and claim. 

Step 4 - Add manual journeys for trips not logged.

For those recently coming to the app you probably won't have journeys logged for last year, so you'll want to add manual journeys. You can do this from the 'Add Screen'. Hit the add button in the middle of the tab bar at the bottom of the app.  

Hint: You could add one fictitious journey for the total number of miles you did last year. Add a single journey and on the detail screen you can modify the total mileage.  Another way to do this is to add a manual transaction as in step 2 for the monetary amount of the claimed mileage. Using the journey screen will work this out for you, but if you want to do it yourself you'll find the HMRC rates here.  You might also want to do this if you're not claiming HMRC's flat rates.

Step 5 - Review!

Go to the taxes screen, make sure year is still set to last year and review tagged transactions:

You'll see tagged transactions grouped by tag type. Click on each to review the tagged transactions. Change anything that isn't quite right.

Once you're happy click on the Submit Tax Return button:

Review all the sections you see here.  This is where you can add optional items that may not have been picked up by the data such as losses you want to carry forward. When you're done hit Review & Submit. If relevant you may get asked some other questions here. 

Step 6 - Submit!

You'll need your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) and your HMRC login details. So make sure you have these ready. If you haven't entered your national insurance number and personal details you'll also be prompted to do that. But once you have all that you are ready to submit:

Notice that you can do a 'test submission' first if you want. This is a great way to make sure nothing has been missed. HMRC will give an error message if something doesn't tally because perhaps some key piece of information was missed out of the preceding screens. So try that first.  

You can also download a PDF version. So if you would rather have someone review things first, that's a great thing to do. You can do this with the free version. 

To submit directly you'll need an Essentials subscription, but right now we're letting all early access users do it for free. You may be advised to contact us for a special submission password. So long as you are on a plan that allows for submission, there is no charge for this. It means we can help you with any errors and make sure you get your tax return submitted. For this reason please don't leave things to the last day of January before trying it!

Any questions or if you need any help, please get in touchplease get in touch.

If you don't already have untied, download from Google Play or the Apple App Store:

Download untied from the Apple App StoreDownload untied from Google Play

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