Selling your stuff via eBay, Vinted, Depop and other platforms

If you are selling a few items of your own stuff on platforms such as eBay, Vinted, or Depop, that's not business. It's just you selling your stuff privately.

In the same way, if you clear your bedroom and go to a car boot sale, taking home a bit of money (and freeing up a whole lot of space), that's also not a business activity.

Selling a car, a bike, or a skateboard that you sell is also not business.

But if you do it regularly, and especially if you're buying things to resell, then it starts to become a business activity that will need to be included on your tax return.

As a general rule, if you're making more than £1,000 from this and buying and selling in order to make money, it's a business (if you make a profit on a big item, then that may fall into being a capital gain - see this article).

Once your selling becomes a business, the cost of what you buy and the listing, postage, and payment fees will be your expenses. You may have other costs such as storage and you'd be able to claim something for working from home.

For more on selling via these platforms, see this untied blog post.

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