Paying your tax to HMRC

Although untied includes a tax calculation of tax payable, this is not necessarily the actual amount that you will need to pay HMRC. They have information that we don't - they may change your personal allowance and there may be other payments due (note, changing your personal allowance in untied may not change the tax calculation). For someone whose personal allowance is at or near the standard level, it will be a close approximation to put money aside.

It's only when you submit your tax return that HMRC calculate what you need to pay. They'll let you know via your personal tax account online and via post. You may get an email but beware email scams!

If you need help with being able to afford to pay your tax, see the related article "What other help is out there to help me pay my tax?"

Paying your tax in untied - untied Pro users only at the moment

You can now pay your tax straight to HMRC from within untied. It's quick, safe and easy.

We make sure it's got the correct reference, and send it to the right HMRC account.

1. Log in to untied Pro in your browser

2. Choose Pay HMRC from the menu on the left

3. Click "Get started"

4. Your UTR - Unique Taxpayer Reference - will be prepopulated from your untied account. It should be ten digits long.

5. Enter in the amount, choose your bank (most banks are supported - if you have a different bank then let us know and we'll see what we can do)

6. Click Next to authorise this through your bank

7. That's it ... all done!

How to pay your taxes without using untied

You will need your UTR - the Unique Taxpayer Reference that is saved in your untied app under Profile. It's ten digits long.

To pay your tax:

  • You can go to HMRC's website here which will allow you to select a way to pay including by credit / debit card. Note that credit cards incur a fee. You will need your UTR. See the walkthrough below
  • You can also pay by bank transfer. The bank details are below. Use Cumbernauld unless told to pay Shipley eg on a payment request.

Don't make a payment to any other account without being sure it's actually HMRC.

Sort code Account number Account name Payment reference
08 32 10 12001039 HMRC Self Assessment Cumbernauld Your UTR followed by K
08 32 10 12001020 HMRC Self Assessment Shipley Your UTR followed by K


A quick walkthrough of steps on the HMRC website.

1. Visit

2. Click Pay now

3. Log in to HMRC / Gateway if you have the details. If you don't have your HMRC login, you can still continue.

4. Select your payment option

5. After selecting how you want to pay, you'll need your UTR. You can find this on the tax return PDF you get from untied.

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