Help! All my data's gone missing

Gulp. Suddenly it looks like all your data's disappeared.

We know that feeling. This article is designed to reassure you and get everything back on track. There is normally a simple explanation.

What to do if some or all of your data seems to be missing

1. Check you're in the right tax year. The top left in the mobile app or in the browser is usually the place to change this. Remember tax years run from 6 April to 5 April.

2. Sometimes hiccups occur if the app can't connect with the server. Sometimes a blip in connectivity will give an error. To fix this refresh the screen (you can try dragging down the transactions to. If necessary close it and reopen it.

3. Check you don't have a filter enabled

4. Check for discarded transactions ... in the mobile app, tap on the filter button and choose "Discarded transactions only"

5. Your bank feed may have disconnected ... see the related article below on how to refresh this

What to do if menu items are missing

You may be buried in a submenu. If you're confused how to get back to a top level menu, in the mobile app you may need to tap twice on one of the icons at the bottom to get you back up. In the browser, click into another part of the menu and then where you want to be.

Still lost? Drop us a line and we'll help you out!

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