Refreshing bank connections

untied uses Open Banking to connect your bank accounts and bring in your transactions. To do this you log into your bank and provide authorisation.  

OPEN BANKING CONNECTIONS ARE CHANGING - SEE ALSO THIS ARTICLE IF YOU'RE HAVING PROBLEMS: Help! My bank account is disconnected or not updating properly 😖

Open Banking connections expire after 90 days. So before the 90 days are up you will need to re-authorise the connection to make sure your transactions continue to arrive.

untied will send you an email and notification a week before a connection is due to expire.

How to re-authorise in untied

To re-authorise an account visit the Account connections screen under the More ... tab:

Tap on the account you need to re-authorise:

Now click on the Reconnect button at the top to be taken to your bank where you can refresh the connection.

Watch out for gaps if you forget to refresh

When connecting an account for the first time we are able to pull three years worth of transactions (for most banks, some it's only 12 months). On each subsequent request this is usually limited to 90 days. Therefore, if you let a connection lapse, reconnecting it more than 90 days later could leave you with gaps. One workaround here would be to add the account a second time, understanding that you may then have some overlap and see transactions more than once.

Alternatively, you could export from your bank account and manually upload for the missing period. See the linked article on this.

As we say below, we don't like the way this works either - it's industry-wide behaviour. 

Don't ignore the reminders

The 90 day authentication limit, and finding easier ways to maintain authorisation, is something that the industry is looking at. But it is there for the safety and security of account holders. Some banks, such as Starling, send their own reminders when a connection is due to expire and make it really easy for you to quickly confirm that you'd like to keep it. Most leave it to us to remind you. untied sends an email and an in-app notification. Keep an eye out for those and make sure you reconnect when you see them so that you aren't missing transactions later.

Watch out when you have multiple accounts with the same bank

If you have multiple accounts from the same bank connected and these accounts are all under the same banking login you would usually be asked to select the accounts to add when you connect to the bank. If you have previously connected multiple accounts like this make sure you select ALL the ones you have connected when refreshing the bank connection. If you don't do this you will be replacing the 'consent' with a new one that now only links to the newly selected accounts. Any other accounts under this banking profile that you previously connected may now lose their consent and stop importing transactions.

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