Self employment income support scheme (SEISS) for COVID on your tax return

    If you received an SEISS grant, it needs to be reported on separately your tax return.

    To make sure it goes the right place, the transaction should be tagged in untied separately as SEISS grant. We'll the make sure it appears separately in the right place on the tax return.

    (Don't just tag it as business. If you do that, we are aware that HMRC are 'correcting' returns where they know you have received an SEISS grant but do not see it declared as such. They are wrongly assuming that you have not claimed it - when you have (but in the wrong place) - so they then ADD it to your income, causing a larger tax bill. It needs to be declared specifically.)

    If you're using untied Pro you can search your transactions for SEISS to find the "HMRC SEISS GRANT" transaction.

    For other COVID related income you can also use the untied COVID section

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