My account is not supported

Over time, untied will support more and more accounts. We use secure connections to share information with banks and other institutions.

untied supports bank and other accounts that use Open Banking. It is a new and regulated way for you to give permission for banks to share certain information with services like untied without disclosing your log in details to us.

Because each bank has their own way of doing this, we work with partners which are aggregators. Effectively they create a secure tunnel for us to bring in your data from your account. In some cases where we think it is better for you, we will integrate directly with the bank.

However, not all accounts or banks are yet supported. If they're not, the chances are that it's being worked on at the bank / our aggregators ... but in the meantime:

Examples of accounts that are currently unsupported

  • Some bank or card accounts (including non UK accounts)
  • PayPal accounts
  • Investment accounts

If you're unhappy that more accounts are not supported, so are we! That's why we lobby to have more open financial data!

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