Bicycle expenses

In principle, if you buy a bike or e-bike for business (eg if you're a cycle courier) rather than to travel to work then this is a business cost.

There are various ways to claim this cost. You can choose which to use:

  1. If it's exclusively for business, then you can put the bike as a business expense ... including it as an expense in the Self-Employment tab in untied lite, or just by tagging it in untied Pro. The simplest way to do it is when the money goes out of your account (if you have an accountant there are also complicated ways to spread it!)
  2. If it's a mix, then you can apportion the business element of your bike costs (including equipment and maintenance costs) ... again this would be in the Self-Employment tab in untied lite, or using the splitting functionality in untied Pro (see the linked article)
  3. You can claim a fixed rate per mile. In the Self-Employed Mileage tab in untied lite, just enter the number of miles and untied will calculate the right rate. Or use untied Pro's automatic journey logging function, or add a total at the end of the year

Got an e-bike? See the related article as well.


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