What happens after I submit?

Last updated 30 January 2020

After you have submitted a return:

  • you will get an email with your completed return. This will include something called an IR Mark which is effectively HMRC's stamp that says it's been accepted
  • in a few days you will get a statement from HMRC of what you need to pay. This may come by post, or you can see it in your own personal tax account at HMRC. untied do not get a copy of this (though it's something we'd like to include in the future)

In some cases, HMRC will collect any tax by an adjustment to your tax code for the following year. 

Otherwise you will need to pay HMRC the amount that is due. So long as you pay this by the end of February (strictly within 30 days), then you won't get a penalty for late payment. You may have to pay a small amount of interest. You'll find information on how to pay here (also see the related article at the bottom which includes HMRC's bank details).

Delaying payment until after the end of February could lead to a 5% penalty charge. If it looks like you're going to miss this deadline, then contact HMRC and ask for an extension or a payment plan. After all it's in their interests that you can afford to pay your tax. You can call HMRC on 0300 200 3300. If you have issues with tax debt then we have linked to another related article at the bottom of this page that can help.

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