Adding employment with untied

untied supports employment income. At the end of the tax year, your employer will give you a form called a P60. You may even have multiple employers and more than one P60. You may also get another form called a P11D that summarises any taxable employment benefits you may have received.

If you have changed jobs, you will also have a P45 for each job.

You can enter this manually, or link untied to HMRC.

(Note that we are talking about employers where you are on the payroll. These employers deduct tax and give you a payslip for your salary. If you issue invoices to an 'employer' then you'll need to declare this income as "Business Income".)

The first time you tag a transaction as "Employment Income", it will open a wizard for you to add your employment details. 

Adding employment details in your mobile

To add employment details manually or to add further employers, just follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Profile

2. Click Income

3. Choose Employment

4. If you are adding additional jobs you had during the year, click "Add Employment Schedule"

5. Fill out the details for your P60 (if you left a job in the year, then enter it from your P45)

6. Hit save

7. Add more employers if needed - you'll need to do this if you had other jobs in the year



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